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Pedro González Munné
Professional journalist since 1974. Obtained on the island the Cuban National Awards: First of January's in history, with a book of testimony (1978), in TV reportage, the Juan Manuel Márquez (1986) and the Sun of Cuba in tourism. National Vanguard of the Trade Union of Workers of Culture and Art (1985) and of the Union of Journalists of Cuba (UPEC), the distinction José Martí. 
Graduated in journalism suma cum laude at the University of Havana, columnist for the magazines Art 7 and Alma Mater, member of the Board of Directors of the University newspaper Despegue. Elected to the Cultural front in the FEU, Federation of University Students.
Worked in the Cuban radio and television, national system, where he was a member of the Committees of Technical Evaluation for Journalists and Labor judge, in the newspaper Guerrillero, collaborated with Radio Rebelde and Radio Taíno, as well as the national magazines: el Caimán Barbudo and Cuba International, among others. Editor of the national newscast of Television (Noticiero Nacional de Televisión) and Cubavisión Internacional, War Correspondent in Angola and Indochina (1987). 
Was kicked out of his job and all social and professional organizations to which he belonged, never a member of any political party on the island, in a purge to the Cuban press (1990), immigrated to the United States in 1991.
In Florida has created and anchored Hispanic alternative radio and television shows, such as Radio Progreso and Radio Miami, in addition to community tabloids like The Cuban Nation, El País de Miami, El Nuevo Americano and Qué Pasa Miami. Has also been Editor of the tourism magazines, Player and the inflight Aboard. 
Founder of the Community Media Council for the promotion of Latino community press, has been President of the Florida Association of Hispanic Journalists (FAHJ), founder of the International Press Club of Miami (IPC-Miami), participated in national and international conferences. Has chaired Committees of freedom of expression and professional ethics of organizations such as the United States National Association of Hispanic Journalists (NAHJ), the Society of Professional Journalists of (SPJ) and the Latin American Confederation of Tourist Press (CLAPTUR). 
Has published the ecotourism Books: Ecuador and El Salvador (1992), as well as in different genres: Al sonido de mi mismo (2002), Ciénaga de la Angustia (2006), Rehenes del Odio (2008) and El Color de la Mentira; also the essay Ebrio de Luz, The Cuban Emigration to the EEUU, XIX Century (2014). The first of a trilogy about that theme.

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